Michael Langlois - Jewellery Design




I don't follow fashion or design trends. Nor do I try to mimic or resemble other objects, materials or techniques. Each piece is made with precision and attention to detail, using only the finest materials. Minimal design that is authentic and enduring



The designs are inspired by a person’s character and I try to express this through the abstracted shapes of the forms themselves. Every surface has been thoughtfully conceived and painstakingly refined to achieve natural flowing transitions and beautiful reflections that emphasize the intrinsic beauty of the high quality materials used. 



The materials are honest, pure. Pieces are never hollowed out to cut costs and their noticeable weight creates a sense of substance, quality and worth. The Argentium Sterling™ silver used is a modern sterling silver alloy which is highly tarnish resistant and eliminates the need for plating the final product which is often done on mass produced items to cover up defects such as surface porosity and firescale from the casting process. 



Crafted with precision, all designs are made from start to finish on premise under strict quality control. Beginning as a wax prototype each piece is individually carved using advanced computer milling technology to ensure that every subtle nuance of the design is accurately captured. 



To maintain the highest quality, all casting is also done in house using advanced casting technology in an oxygen free environment to prevents oxidization of the metals and to eliminate imperfections such as porosity which can occur when using other casting methods.



Every casting is individually numbered and scrutinized to ensure only the highest quality parts go on to finishing. From here each piece is then finished by hand to bring out the maximum surface polish.


Please contact us for more information at info@michaellanglois.ca